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David Girard Vineyards

David Girard
February 25, 2016 | David Girard

By Appointment Tasting

Thank you for your kind accolades and patient understanding as we move into our new "by appointment" tasting program.

Positive Comments     

When we first decided to try and improve our wine tasting experience for you we held our collective breaths before stepping off into space. We, now, are glad to say that, thus far, your comments are reflecting  very favorably on the goals we are attempting  to achieve  though our by appointment wine tasting program (less hectic tastings, more individual attention to you, better presentation of our wines, tasting enhancements through cheese pairings and the creation of an enjoyable and interesting tour experience). Again, thank you for your kind and generous feed back.  


Wrinkles and Bungles

On the other hand we need to iron out a few wrinkles. Also, we need to rethink a couple of things we have bungled.


One major wrinkle is that our Vino Visit online booking service has some glitches. It's a bit confusing to guests who are trying to book online. When you get to the "completed" part of the Vino Visit web site you would  reasonably think that you've done all you need to do. As we are finding out, that is not the case. More information is required before you've actually booked an appointment. As a result guests are arriving at the front gate thinking that they have an appointment when they don't. It's our problem to solve, not yours. We're working with the Vino Visit people and revising our website to solve the problem. But, you don't need Vino Visit at all if you just want to call the tasting room directly at 530-295-1833 and speak to Rod, Kara, Sandy or leave a message. Another wrinkle is the intercom. We are working on that as well. Verizon cell phones work just fine to call the tasting room: 530-295-1833. You'll be buzzed in if you've forgotten or haven't received a gate code for the day. Unfortunately,  ATT cell phone connections are poor at the gate. We are, truly, sorry for any inconvenience to you. We will sort it out just as soon as possible.


We are not overly proud to say that we bungled our picnic policy. As we thought about it, early on, we reasoned that our carefully thought out cheese pairings and deli trays could easily allow us to eliminate picnics and better enhance your wine experience. Maybe so, but that is not what many of you thought. So, lesson learned. We will continue offering picnic venues exclusively to our wine club members, by appointment.  Wine club members will be able to reserve a picnic site at the waterfall terrace, deck overlook, front entrance tables and gazebo venues. Upon request we will provide transportation by golf cart to the waterfall terrace venue for those who need mobility assistance.  We will continue to exclusively reserve our covered fireplace patio venue for non picnics (wine only, and our elegant cheese pairings and deli trays).

Thank you for caring. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for all that you do for us. We appreciate you more than you can imagine.



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