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David Girard Vineyards

David Girard
June 23, 2016 | David Girard

For Wine Club Members, It's Summertime and the Living is Easy

Summer is on our doorstep. Who knew? School is out, or about to be out. Vacation planning is taking on a more serious tone. Outside is becoming better than inside. And, oh yes, lazy foothill winery visits are moving up on a number of agendas. We are always more than happy when we wind up on your winery visit agenda.


As you know we've made a few changes over the last few months in anticipation of your visits this summer. So, I thought it might be worth mentioning a bit about what we have been up to in trying to make your visits to us worth your while, now and throughout the summer.


First, we have some pretty good wines for you to enjoy. We don't like to talk too much about how good our wines are since that's for you to decide not us. As Joe Louis was famously quoted, "If you have to tell 'em, you ain't." However, that does not make us any less proud or confident of what we are bringing to your table. Our wines are here for you when you get here.


So, you've heard that back in January we went to a modified "by appointment" format. But the second part of that statement - and the most important part - is that Wine Club Members are special.


Nobody should expect Wine Club Members to make an appointment when they simply want to:

stop by to buy a case or a bottle.
pop in for their complimentary taste-through of the latest wine release or make a pick-up. 
enjoy our wine with their picnic up on the waterfall terrace.
drop in and share a bottle or a purchase a glass to go with one of our cheese and charcuterie plates out on the deck or patio.


It's not expected. It's not happening. It's not part of our program.


Wine Club Member appointments are limited only to a couple of occasions:


Tram and Tasting Tours:  (This is our 1:00 personal tour.)


It's offered to Wine Club Members (two people) on a complimentary basis once a year on an available date of your choosing.


The Tram and Tasting Tour winds around our vineyard so you can see the vines up close, learn about our varietals, style of wine making, and hear a bit about the history of our property and this gold discovery area.


The Tour also comes with a sit down tasting of six varietals where each wine is paired with a specially selected local cheese.



The maximum number for any Tram and Tasting Tour is 8.


Additional Tram and Tasting Tours are available to Wine Club Members, extra guests, and non-wine club members at a charge of $28.



Complimentary Tasting Only: (Available at 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.)


A Wine Club Member can arrange for a "tasting only" by appointment providing there is space available.


It’s complimentary for both the Wine Club Member and up to 2 of the Wine Club Member's guests.


You will be offered a tasting of six of our wines with the particular varietals rotating on a regular basis.


Other matters:


1.   Wine Club Member Pick-Up Tastings:


Unlike a Tasting Only appointment, no appointment is necessary for Wine Club Members picking up their latest wine club release.


The difference for a Wine Pick-Up tasting is:


There is no appointment necessary for a Wine Pick-Up tasting; it is on a drop in basis. (A Tasting Only Appointment requires an appointment)


You will only taste the wines you are picking up in a Wine Pick-Up tasting


2.   Cheese Pairings and Charcuterie Plates:


Cheese pairings are included as part of the 1:00 P.M. tasting and tram tour:


Charcuterie plates are available for purchase and enjoyment on the deck or patio after any tasting:


For two (2): $15.00
For four (4): $24.00


In every case, we are always glad to see you when you visit. We will do everything we can to make your visit a great experience and live up to, if not exceed, your expectations.


We've been getting some rather nice comments on our 'by appointment' format. Happily for us, most have been very positive, like: "When I come to the gate and get buzzed in I feel special like the winery belongs just to me", "I like the special attention and conversation", and "To say that, at first, I didn't like the 'by appointment' idea is an understatement. I want to be spontaneous. I thought I'd be pressured to buy wine. But I don't feel any of that. I feel like it's my place."


So thank you for your kind words. Our goal is to be a special private place for you. We want you to have a quiet opportunity to linger, relax, and let the world go by. We want you to enjoy elegant wines in an elegant setting.


We'll keep working on it.


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