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David Girard Vineyards

David Girard
November 1, 2014 | David Girard

The Paper Blog #3 - Nov 2014


As you probably know, Sebastian is an important part of our Tasting Room service team. His French accent can be heard in the Tasting Room on most days. So, naturally, visitors, not infrequently, ask him: “Where are you from?” Sebastian’s deadpan answer of “Placerville” often times amuses him more than our visitors. It all balances out, however, when visitors thank Sebastian for his assistance with a “Gracias.” Sebastian, will ask his colleagues, in all seriousness … “Do I sound Spanish?”

A recent visitor from Connecticut said that she was so happy to be at the Vineyard and see the fall colors. It was true. On the clear crisp Saturday of her visit, sunlight virtually danced off the vines, which were at their color peak. It is always a pleasure to provide our visitors with a bit of home.

I’ve been building a pergola at the waterfall terrace for a few weeks now. It’s almost done. While it won’t win any awards for carpentry, it looks pretty good, if you squint your eyes real tight! With my big straw hat, ladder, saw, screwdriver and level, among other tools, I am pretty much incognito. So as I listen to visitor comments from a carpenter’s point of view, I am reminded of how generous our wine club members are in their praise of our not always overly successful efforts for improvement.

The pond is as low as it’s ever been. We’re looking for rain, and lots of it!



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