Purchase Our Wines

At this time we do not offer online sales of our wines, but we'd love to sell you some! We're a small winery with no "webmaster" to keep an online store up-to-date, but we believe we can make it even easier by connecting more directly with you:

GIVE US A CALL: Call Rod in the Tasting Room when we're open: 11 to 5, Thursday to Monday. The number is 530.295.1833. He'll gladly take your order, keep you abreast of what's in stock, and apprise you of any other wines that might be available but aren't yet on the website.

SEND US AN EMAIL: Simply send an email to club@davidgirardvineyards.com with the subject "Wine Order" and we'll respond shortly with pricing and availability. After we make contact we can make payment arrangements -- no need to send credit card info right away. Be sure to mention if you're a Wine Club member in order to receive your discount!

SEND US A LETTER: A fact: To date the only person to use this option has been a French politician who heard how great our wine was and needed some sent over par avion. That said, the benefits of a hand-written, snail-mailed note are numerous, but they include delighting David -- a traditionalist if there ever was one -- and being in important international company.

SHIPPING: Shipping rates vary by your location, but are fairly inexpensive within California. We often offer shipping promotions with case purchases; be sure to inquire.